Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Friend Indeed

080609: The following photos are courteous of Mike Linch, photographer extraordinaire! Thanks Mike for allowing me to post your beautiful photos!
In the hills West of Topaz Lake there are trails all over for riding and hiking. Several trails will take adventurers to a peak overlooking Topaz Lake. Quite a view, don't you think?
I don't think this was a pose, but doesn't this look like an ad for riding gear?
L-R: Eric, Jesse, Jason, & Brandi.
It was a beautiful morning for Hot Air Balloon rides. There was a significant purpose behind the rides on this day, but I'll write about that & post more photos later.

The balloon rides were all about the kids. The first riders up were the Idol, Porter and Bashara children. You can see that the balloon was being towed out from where it launched on our beach to over the open water.Okay - this is why it is called an "Air Chair."
The talented Eric demonstrating his capabilities. But I think Mike called Eric a "show-off." ;-].

More "catch-up photos" coming in the next few days....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Best Ride

080509: WoW! It's been a long time since I've written and posted photos. It feels like a whole month since I've been in contact my little ol' blog... wait a second.... Whoops, time flies when you are having fun - it has been a month! I anticipated the physical/time challenge when the summer crowd arrived. I truly didn't anticipate the mental mush that my brain would turn into as we became so busy. Every creative brain cell I have transferred to another department sometime in July to keep up with our schedule. I would literally sit in front of my computer trying to write something and my creative brain cells had abandoned me! Ah well - mea culpa and my apologies. Especially to all the people who have been so overwhelmingly kind in your comments and support of our website and my blog. (Oh - and thank you, thank you, thank you!)

Okay -so what can I say at this point to play catch-up, but not bore you to death with the tedious details of our summer lives? Let me summarize:

B.U.S.Y! = June; July and now August. For us, June is like the climb on a roller coaster, peaking at the top and the initial drop where your stomach ends up in your throat. July is the screaming drop at 3.5 G's at the bottom with a few 360 loop-to-loops in the middle. And August is a few last twist and turns, jerking you to and fro with a quick stop at the end. The roller coaster rests for only a little while before taking off again for a quick ride through Labor Day Weekend. Of course, this is just us. We are the owners, therefore we are busy on our roller coaster. You, the vacationers, are having a great time on vacation!

Sometime in September our stomachs will drop back into place.

Here's a few photos from the last month: EnJoY!

Another spectacular June sunrise
If I see water like this in the morning I wonder why no one is out enjoying the glass?
I turned around to see the same sunrise lighting up the Park.
Wake up everyone!

No phones, no computers....this is the Topaz version of "Facebook."

The bright orange sunrise and pelican slowly cutting the water - I couldn't help myself. Have you all grown tired of my bird & sunrise photos?

The July 4th Vacationers! You gotta love their enthusiasm! Many thanks to the Oades family for displaying their love of Topaz Lake on the trip up/down Highway 395~!

I'm going to stop and take a break from this post and continue it tomorrow. I'm challenging myself to find and group the photos by events this last month. Until then....