Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bird Brain

102310: We really do enjoy our wildlife here at the Park during the off season. It is part of our conscious thought and topic of frequent conversations. We have learned when to expect our returning visitors just as if they have a date circled on their calendar and on that date it says: "Topaz." The Canada Geese are part of returning regulars. They join us in the late summer, usually about mid-August and sometimes don't leave until late spring. Everyday they fly into our shoreline awaiting leftovers from the ducks' food that we provide. Actually, how it happens is we go to the shoreline to feed the two ducks, the geese see us & fly in, honking all the way. Usually there are two small, consistent groups that arrive and then a semi-battle/chase scene occurs to establish pecking order on the remaining food. And the groups are always even numbered, too. I'll try to get a video of them one morning arriving and honking and battling.
I was just about 20 feet from the shoreline. The male geese are pretty aggressive and watch us closely.
I thought I would provide a slightly better photo of Henry (you know, Henry the Heron.) He is just fascinated with our docks. (Maybe he thinks the poles on the docks are Henriettas?)

So obviously I've got birds on my brain this morning and there is a good reason why, too. Yesterday, we were very excited (really, really very excited) to see flying right above our house, two ADULT Bald Eagles, and one juvenile Bald Eagle. Momma, Poppa and baby! Earlier this year I wrote about how an adult Bald Eagle was found dead beneath it's nest. (Click here to read that story.) What I didn't mention in the story is our fear that we believed we had only one adult Bald Eagle and one juvenile remaining. And would this lead to an eventual demise of our Bald Eagle family? Well, whatever happened since then to produce what we saw yesterday has made us very happy. The three Eagles soared in circles above our house, screeching out to each other, gradually rising higher and higher on thermals until they were specks in the sky and disappeared...

We love our Eagles.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Necessary Fall

102210: The fall weather is arriving. In between rainy days and cloudy days we see the sun bursting through. I wondered out the other day to take some photos of the trees. I wasn't trying to capture the fall colors starting to turn, but I was taking 'before' photos of our trees throughout the Park. We are having some extensive tree work done throughout the Park and I wanted to capture the 'before' so I could remember what they looked like when I capture the 'after.' Yes, I will post the 'before and after' photos at a later date. But, while I was out taking wide angle photos of the trees I couldn't help but notice the change in colors. I switched my purpose for a little while and took some photos of the fall colors. Unfortunately, the sun wasn't bursting through at that time, but you get the picture, right?

The Cottonwoods start turning colors in October, eventually dropping their leaves. This process doesn't stop until January. Yes, for three months straight our lives are all about leaves, but we have a new plan this year to tackle the kajillion leaves we must clean up. More on that in another post....

The Red Oaks are by far the prettiest during the fall.

The Cottonwoods on the South end of the Park are the first to turn, and the North end are the last.

Tree work. I was very emotional the first day they were here as they felled (cut down) several trees that day. The trees we are having removed are either diseased, crowding others or are impeding upon roads or parking. Practically speaking I know what has to be done, but emotionally I'm sad as some of these trees are very old and have been here since the Park was opened. And if you know me at all by now the history of the Park is very important to me, and some of these tree are part of that history. Fortunately, our tree service has been excellent in discussing each tree and every tree with us prior to pruning or felling. This has made the emotional factor a little easier to bear for me.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Moments Ago

101610: Wow, I just wasted 15 minutes of my coffee buzz on trying to format this post because the Blog God decided it would be entertaining to underline everything I typed. And then it suddenly stopped... Does anyone else hate computers as much as I do?

Okey, dokey, let's get back to the blog now...

20 years ago today I started a new job as a manager that I stayed at for 10 1/2 years. I worked in an office with no windows, wore suits & heels, and everyday did my hair and makeup, and sometimes worked from before sunrise to after sunset never seeing the light of day. My how times have changed. I still have an office, but at least it has windows. We just finished our 10th season at the Park and I haven't worn a suit or heels since, and rarely do I wear makeup and my hairstyle is a ponytail. And I found out very quickly 10 years ago that my "office" was not only indoors, but outdoors, too. And more importantly, I wanted it that way. And after 10 years of being at this Park, I still want it that way more than ever. I work hard, but I enjoy what I do very much.

I'm sure you have said at some point in your life something like this: "Wow, time flies. That seems like yesterday." I remember the day I started my new job 20 years ago just like it was yesterday. And if 20 years ago was like yesterday what is 20 years from now? Tomorrow? Hmmm.....

Make the most of your life. Find something that fulfills you. Enjoy the present as it is a gift. (Yeah, I know that was kind of corny...)

Took this photo just moments ago. It gave me the idea for the blog title which lead into the blog topic. (Don't try to keep up with my brain. It's impossible! I can barely manage it at times!)

There are still some pelicans scattered around the lake. I am mesmerized by these big birds. They always make me think of pterodactyls.

If you look carefully you'll see that it is a double rainbow. I love rainbows over Topaz Lake.

When I told this customer who was heading out towards the Burning Man event that I was going to take a photo of his RV he said: "Far Out." Most of the customers before Burning Man are pretty tame and mellow. After? The RV's are really dusty, everyone needs a shower, and some are a little glassy eyed. If you have never heard of Burning Man, google it. And enjoy!

Henry. He comes back every fall. He's a Great Blue Heron. I named him Henry so that I could remember that he was Heron. Henry, the Heron. Because I was constantly being corrected by my spouse when I called him a Crane!

Wow. The rain came at the beginning of this month and stayed for 4 days. It poured! Thankfully it stopped before we started building an ark. And I was getting pretty tired of toweling off wet dogs.

We have closed our season for this year and have a lot of plans for this off season. We have five seemingly long months to accomplish a lot, but after ten seasons we know that in March we will look back and say: "Where'd the time go?"
Have a nice day, y'all. I really mean that.