Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Post Water Devil

042710: It was a bit windy today. Okay, it was really, really windy today. Just before this photo, we saw a few water devils. Actually we don't know what they are called. As I write this, Dave and I are discussing what they might be called. Not quite a waterspout, not a water funnel (no such term) but it looked like a dirt devil over water. Hence, water devil.

I've posted two photos. The same photo actually but as I looked at the original I noticed how this color photo appeared so black and white. So I converted a copy of the photo to black and white. Can you discern the subtle difference?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Meaning of Everyday

042410: I think a month is long enough between posts....Don't you? Thanks for your patience. I've been getting needled by readers about The Daily Topaz not being so "daily." So I thought I would write a post about semantics.
Yes, I would love to post everyday. But my other job has been keeping me busy. And that other job requires daily attention by me because, after all, it is the one that pays the bills.
Originally when I started this blog I had planned to post everyday with a new photo and story, but I found my time spread a little too thin so I needed to back off. Over the last 10 months The Daily Topaz has been redefined. It is not necessarily in reference to a daily post by me but the daily occurrence of the beauty at Topaz Lake. Whether I take a photo everyday and write a story, this is secondary to the beauty that we & our customers experience here everyday. With that said, I will try to post more often.
Go ahead, people, give me an orange and I will give you back an apple.
Looking forward to writing about Spring (it is Spring, right?) and all that it brings. The above photo was captured by our LakeCam last week. As I sit here in the morning and do some computer work, I will often view our LakeCam to see how it views the morning sunrise. I liked this particular sunrise. It looks like the North Dock was directing the sunrise as the nearby cottonwood waits for the warmth of the day to bring her COTTONPODS to life.
Go ahead, people, give me a sunrise and I will give you story. Oh, and pray for freezing whether now so that those bloomin' cottonpods will go away....