Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mule Days; Topaz Version

012710: We had some visitors yesterday. They didn't have reservations but we let them stop for awhile because they just wanted to have lunch then be on their way. Turns out they wanted to lunch on our shrubbery. Do I have to make up yet another rule about not eating our shrubbery?
Nice pose, Buddy.
Mama following Baby. Rather than trudge through the snow, they all walked down the tractor trail we had created in the snow.

Do you hear something Buddy?

1st Baby photo

If they had an SUV, it would have decals showing a Papa deer, Mama deer, and three kid deers behind them.
When we start seeing the Mule Deer out in the open like this, we will see them more frequently everyday until the snow melts in the hills. These are just a few of our many winter visitors.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One Sunrise, Hold the Coffee

011910: Snow. Lots and lots of snow. Yeah, snow! 'Cuz that means more water this summer!

So, this morning I get up around 5am - normal time - and I can see that we have a lot of snow, and I'm already thinking that we are going to have a spectacular sunrise due to the cloud formation on the horizon. I start making coffee to prep for hubby needing "fuel" to clear the driveway of the overnight snow. Then the tragedy of all tragedies occurs. Our brand new coffeemaker bites the dust. OMG, people! How AM I supposed to start my day without coffee? How are we supposed to get the driveway clear without coffee? How are we going to survive?????

We are trapped.

So I get online, find the manufacturer, call them, and speak with some darling young lady named Midge in CT. I'm sure she's used to talking to coffeeless people, but she seemed extra bubbly. Probably this means SHE had coffee already. Anyways, Midge is sending me a brand new coffeemaker (for free!) because their warranty says: "1) Don't argue with coffeeless customers. Just send them a new coffeemaker. Or 2) if the coffeemaker breaks within 1 year, send them a new one. Whichever comes first." And while I'm talking to Midge and she is literally saving us from extinction, the sunrise begins to peak. I quickly step outside and snap a few photos while holding the phone to my ear. Geeze, apparently I can still multi-task even without coffee.

I managed to take three crooked photos of the lake. Beautiful colors - crooked lake. Sorry. I blame the coffeemaker tragedy. I will be better tomorrow.

:::EDIT::: People, I just took a look at that photo again. Seriously, I'm not taking credit for that shot. I just pointed the camera and took the photo as the colors this morning were just unbelieveably awe inspiring. Thank you, God. Nice show! *clapping*

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy 2010 Everyone!

010610: Okay, folks...who stole my December, 'cuz I want it back!

The holiday season went by far too fast and now January, 2010 has arrived. January is month full of promises and hopes for the new year for many. For us, it also means the pending arrival of a new season and preparation for our awaiting customers. (And it also means lovely tasks such as doing our taxes! Fun times!)

We are also looking forward to a big vacation that we have had planned for some time now. We leave in February for 10 days and when we get back we will be ready to go, go, go for you all!

To play a little catch are a few photos over the last 3 weeks:

Seriously, who can resist a sleeping dog with his tongue out?

010110! I so wanted to write a post on January 1st because of that date, but obviously didn't. I talk about "Where'd December go?".... How about: "Where'd the last decade go!!!?"

Just another winter sunrise on Topaz Lake. Can you tell that I never get tired of them?

So there were these three fishermen.....

I took down the Christmas decorations the other day and took a moment to decorate my cat, Max. That is Max's "I'm not amused" face.
Happy 2010 to everyone! May the new year bring you all the joy, happiness and fulfillment that you deserve!