Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wag More, Bark Less.

120111:  Ahhh, September.  My absolute favorite month!  Well, so is October, November, December, January and February because we are closed and get to rest.  But then again... so is March, April, May, June, July, and August because we are earning money.  BUT, on the peaceful, nice-weather-o-meter, September is still the top month.  Oh, and did I mention September is one of the few virtually "no kid" + "nice weather" months?  Yes, I do like September very much....   
Labor Day Weekend.  One of the last hoorays for families to get out and vacation.  
Just after LDW we take the fingers off the North Dock.  One person can do it, two is better, but three gets the job done in about an hour!  Since our LakeCam is giving us fits and uploading about 3 photos a day instead of the normal 5760, it actually captured a photo of me on the dock helping.  And since it is 25 degrees this morning I cannot help but miss the days of short-wearing weather when I look at this photo.
The tip of the South Dock is just showing now that the water has dropped enough.  That dock was still fairly loaded with boats throughout September.  The first of October brought the close of fishing season for three months. This is the time that we get to stare at our beautiful lake practically devoid of any boats as what need is there for any boat to be out on the water because they can't fish and it's too cold to for watersports.   It's actually kind of funny when we do hear a boat zooming by, breaking our peaceful serenity.  We silently curse the nerve that a boater has to disturb our scenery! (And their intelligence level.)  How dare they!
I'll have more photos to share soon.  Right now we are getting settled back into a somewhat normal winter routine after being unexpectedly gone on yet more personal business.  Priorities sometimes boils down to "feeding the hungriest mouth first."  In the meanwhile until I get back on this blog, enjoy the holidays.  Relax, enjoy your family and friends.  And in the words of a sticker I recently acquired - which I think will become my 2012 motto - "Wag more, bark less."