Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Bloomin' Cold Outside!!!

112910: So I'm sitting here and all I can think about is the cold weather. Holy smokes, it's cold outside! Actually it's below freezing outside. And it's been this way for a week plus. Nighttime temperatures have been dipping down into single digits or the teens and yesterday was the first day it 'warmed up' to 32 degrees. Such temperatures are not uncommon in the high desert, just usually not in November.

The cottonwood in #7 looked so bitterly pretty after a recent snowfall. Along with all the other cottonwoods in the Park, it has been trimmed. Now it no longer droops into my photos.

The daily feeding of the bird menagerie. As you can see, David isn't bothered by the cold. He is still wearing a T-shirt and shorts! Amongst the daily water fowl visitors are the two Mallards (Mike & Squirt), Canada Geese, American Coots, Double-crested Cormorants (they stay on the far outer fringe of birds), Northern Shovelers, Common Loons, a pair of Gadwalls, and one lone Ross' Goose (a small white goose.) The other day we had a LARGE flock of Mallard drop in for a pit stop before they were on their way. We hoped a single hen or two would stay behind for Mike and Squirt, but alas they are still bachelors. AND we were treated to another visit by the Tundra Swans the same day. They arrived within two weeks of the anniversary of their visit last year (which you can read about HERE), but then again the cold weather arrived earlier this year, too.

Doesn't this just want to make you bundle up with a hot cup o' cocoa next to a fire?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall in Topaz...

110810: When you live in an area where there is four seasons, you learn to always be aware of forthcoming weather. Especially during season 3 and season 4 - that would be Autumn & Winter! Several days ago the forecast called for wind and rain this week and if I was going to have any chance of capturing any photos of the fall colors and leaves on the ground I had better get out before the wind blew it all away.
The cottonwoods on the beach by #50.
Holy moly, look at the leaves! And the colors! And the happy doggies!
The 'front row' Red Oaks and Honey Locusts.

Colt playing 'King of the Picnic Tables.'

Red Oaks! If you look closely you can see some acorn caps still attached.

Acorns! The Red Oaks don't produce acorns every year, but it has been explained to me that when they do it is a sign of a good winter ahead. Apparently trees bare their 'fruit' in abundance when there is a good chance of reproducing or producing. do they know?

Honey Locusts. Why honey? They certainly don't produce honey, so is it the color? Looks more like mustard or squash in color to me. Squash Locusts.

See the storm coming in? Our beautiful Cottonwoods and Squash Locusts.

Storm a-brewin'! See all those leaves?

The wind and rain has come and gone. We watched the leaves dance in the wind during the storm. Now they are all conveniently packed up against the rock walls where they will stay until we clean them up. David has been trying to convince me for years that we need a goat to get rid of all the leaves and weeds. I'm an animal lover but I do have my limits. However, after years of back breaking clean up I have relented. I have broke down and David now has a goat.
Photos and more on our new goat later.....