Thursday, June 24, 2010

Somebody Call Webster, I've Got a New Word for Them!

062410: Fishermen. Fisherwomen. Or if you want to be "PC": Fisherpeople.

Whatever. They like to fish. And I write this post as a dedication to all the who have been beyond thrilled this last week with the fishing. The weather finally turned and the fishing turned with it.

You know what? The fishing as been so good that they have been complainin' because the fish have been practically jumping in their boats & they are back by 8:00 am. So they come back to camp, smoke/eat their fish and stare at each other for the rest of the day.

It's feast or famine in the fishing world. Hence, there is no pleasin' those fishermenwoples!

(Don't be jealous, Chris. There's always next year.... We miss you, too.)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome Home, Summer

062210: Well, summer is here finally. Probably. I think. I hope. The weather this year has been temperamental at best. In May the wind prevailed and the temperature never reached 80 degrees the entire month. That apparently was a record. It's June 22nd, folks, and today it going be the hottest day yet of 2010. That's just wacky!
With the Summer Solstice now past I hope we continue to see days like the last two days: A sunny day, with no wind, and ridiculously calm waters. This kind of weather translates to water fun, good fishing (GOOD FISHING!) and lots of laughter.
This is a view from the LakeCam taken only moments ago. The lake is practically full, but you can probably see that by the lack of beach! Many of the fishermen have already left for a day of "work." Later today you will see the kids playing in the water along with their moms floating nearby....
Where's your fishing pole? Where's your floaty? Where are you are? Don't you wish you were here now?

Friday, June 18, 2010

AnOtHeR SuNrIsE.......& yeah, it was windy

061810: Our summer season starts tomorrow for us. And our routine will change from our spring preparation to the weekly turnover we will experience until nearly the end of August.

During this busy summer I'll try to remember that we have a lake right out our back door. (Literally out our back door right now!) Believe it or not there are days that I don't appreciate that fact. And I'll keep my camera handy. It's been awhile since I posted a sunrise. I'll work on capturing more during the summer.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Right Under Your Feet

061710: I enjoy taking photos of the docks when they are being prepped to be moved. The dock level is sunk to it's lowest point so that it can be pulled further out of the water and then re leveled. Between the symmetry of the pipes, the reflection of the water and the sign laying on the dock adding the touch of interest for your eye, I find it all very pleasing.
For me, personally, I hold further regard for the docks as they hold a history of all the owners of the Park. Parts of the dock date back to the Thompson era. The docks as you see them were built by my dad during the Stevens era. He engineered the original concept and they have withstood the test of time. In our last ten years, we have rebuilt nearly everything but generally maintained the original concept.
Additionally, they are big, expensive, and require more maintenance year 'round then most people realize. We are diligent about the use of the docks in all aspects, but for good reason. We want to make sure they last for the next generation.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Girl, A Grandma and Their Golf Car

061410: If you are a girl and you drive around your golf car more than your car, shouldn't it be adorned with flowers? I think so.

About 8 years ago, my grandma downsized her home and moved to a retirement community. I was the lucky recipient of her golf car. Of course I paid for it, gladly. And I desparately wanted her golf car as I had fond memories of riding with her around her mobilehome park community. She would always say, "Come on... Let's go for a ride, Julie."

Not long after I acquired her little red "cart" she corrected me: "It's not a cart. A cart has three wheels. A car has four wheels. So it's a golf CAR." I don't even care if she is right or not. If grandma says it's a golf car, then it's a golf car.

This little beauty is a G-16, 36-volt Yamaha and I love it. Our other golf cars are faster, but they are not P.O.B.M.G. (Previously Owned by my.... well, you get the picture...)

Now a few years back, my beloved grandma passed away, but nearly everytime I jump on my golf car I think of her. And if you hear me say aloud, "Come on Grandma, let's go for a ride...." well, now you know why.

Monday, June 14, 2010

If the Shoe Fits, Describe It!

061410: So, yeah, the Walker River, the West Walker River to be specific. It's a running. High. Wide. Fast. Heavy. I personally have never seen it running so swiftly. (Oops, there's another adjective!) We went on a little tour the other day to check it out.

Down we went to Topaz Lane and passed over the bridge. The river was at it's capacity, which was at floodstages. It was brown, mirky, & cold. (Adjective, adjective, adjective!) For some reason there were MANY cliff swallows flying around. Funny, since there weren't any nearby cliffs....

We ended up at the Day Use rest area about half way down the Walker River Canyon. Ummm, yeah, lots of water. I was kickin' myself because I forgot my video camera. I was amazed at the water flow and couldn't help but think of all the other times I had seen the river look like nothing more than a large babblin' brook. Check out this photo for a comparison: Click here!

On the way back to the Park we stop near high point as I wanted to capture the river inlet to the lake. Yes, I agree. Wow! And muddy, too. Yuck.

Oh, and did I mention that we stopped to coo at the little bebe goatlets on Topaz Lane? Well, David cooed, I took photos. Okay, I cooed a little, too. Will you look at those little bitty horns? So adorable. Yes, I know they are just baby goats, but "bebe goatlets" fits their adorableness. Yeah, I know, that's not a word either.
I know. Too many adjectives. But how can I describe the beauty around us without adjectives?

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Patience vs. Mother Nature


Dear Mother Nature,

With all due respect to your awesome powers and the abundant waters that you have bestowed upon us, could you and your winter team pack your bags of winter weather and go back to your Northern home?

Seriously, we welcome you and your team ~specifically Mr. Stormy Clouds, Mr. Blustery Winds, Mr. & Mrs. Rain-Snow, and Mr. Jet Stream ~ in the winter time, but check your calendar, ma'am, it's spring! The word 'Spring' means that life is trying to spring up! Flowers are trying to spring, birds are trying to spring, trees are trying to spring, and, well, we're trying to get some work done! (And we know you are busy managing weather all over the world, so should you need proof to our current conditions I have enclosed a photo taken at 6:19 this morning.)

And further more, have you been keeping up on the economy? It's bad enough that consumers are tightening their belts, so must you give them yet another reason not to go on a vacation?

Please go wake up Mr. Sunshine, Mr. Calm Breezes and Mr. Pleasant Evenings. Enough of this fickle work effort. It's time to show up to work permanently for the season. Come this November, we will put out our welcome mat for you and your winter team once again.

Thank you in advance for your efforts and consideration to this dire situation.


Julie & All the Customers & Fishermen at Topaz Lake RV Park


Anyone out there have Mother Nature's address?

Monday, June 7, 2010

7 Feet in 7 Days

060710: We've been a bit busy of late preparing for the incoming summer customers. In the meanwhile, our normal routine for June has been amped up a bit by the rising lake level. Mother Nature has turned on the faucet and left it running for the last week. The majority of water has been crusin' in the last three days and the lake level has been rising one inch per hour. That's ONE INCH VERTICALLY, people! Here's what that translates to visually....

At 6pm last evening, David raised the docks way out of the water! This is the North dock.

This morning at 6am, they are flat in the water.

A side view of the South dock at 6pm last evening.

And this morning at 6am.

Not since 2006 have the docks had to be raised twice a day due to the rising lake level. And the lake was full, full, full in 2006. The West Walker River, which is the inlet to the lake, is raging right now and it's maximum flow (called discharge, cubic feet per second) is second only to the flood of 1997. I'm going to try to get down to the river today to take photos.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Gift


I've watched them stare for hours as they scope the land.

I've seen them soar the skies for their next meal.

I've listened to them call to each other and it has sent chills down my spine.

I've smiled as they have taught their young to hunt the waters.

I've marveled at their patience.
I've been in awe of their fierceness.

I've stared into the eyes of one and felt I had been given a gift rarely given.

I've been amazed by their beauty and grace, and it never gets old.

The Bald Eagle is a majestic bird. It is our national bird. It is a protected bird under the Migratory Bird Treaty of 1918. It owns the land, the air and waters of Topaz.

I've watched these birds up close every winter. They have captured my attention, been the subject of my photos, and even after 10 years I am thrilled when I spy one in the skies above.

Today, I learned that one of the adult Bald Eagles was found dead beneath it's nest near the lake. Because of their status, there will be an investigation to determine it's cause of death. I pray that it was natural. Because I do not want to feel the anger I will feel should I learn otherwise.

Today, I mourned the loss of a skyward friend.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Science & Nature, (& a smidge of sarcasm)

Question: "Is the lake up?" or "Is the lake coming up?" or "Will the lake be full this year?"
Answer: "Yes", "Yes", & "I'm pretty sure it will be."
This a graph of the water level at Topaz Lake for the past week. The downward trend was the result of the cooling off period we experienced before Memorial weekend. On May 29th & 30th the weather turned warmer and as a result on May 31st the lake leveled off and started coming up yesterday. And since last night the rate of storage has increased more than compared to yesterday. If the warm weather continues as predicted the lake level will continue to rise until such time that it is full. This should occur sometime between the 3rd week of June and the 1st of July.
It's all very scientific, yet can be very unpredictable at times. And, just when we think we got the pattern dialed in, mother nature will throw a monkey wrench into the pattern. Why do we care enough to pay so much attention to all this data? Well, in addition to predicting the placement of our docks in the water, it helps us answer questions about the lake level more accurately. Because after spending hours and hours studying all this data, formulating the pattern and predicting the future lake level, we can crunch all the scientific jargon into layman terms and simply say: "Yes, the lake is coming up."
Aren't you impressed?