Sunday, July 25, 2010

Start to Finish

072510: Today. It was a good day. Not only did I start out the day by wanting to and then finding the time to pick up my camera for a quick moment, but it was my birthday. I celebrated today.
The day started with the oncoming storm clouds that stayed all day long. Today I went and played bingo at the Lodge with the girls. (I lost!) Today I had a panick attack as I watched a midday storm unleash its' wind and rain upon our little Park, whilst I played bingo. Today I relaxed with family and friends. Laughed and drank (water, of course....) and ate dinner in the cool evening air. Visited more, drank more (okay, wine after dinner) and laughed more. Today we watched the day's storms turn into a glorious pink sunset accented by a beautiful bright rainbow.
Today I worked little, played a lot and enjoyed my time with family and friends. Today I took the day off (mostly) and it was a good day.
I enjoyed today, and now I'm more tired than when I work a full day. (I don't know how you vacationers here at the Park manage all this fun...) So now that today is nearly over I thank you all for a great birthday ~ including all the wishes, the hugs, the food, the wine and the laughs. From start to finish it was a perfect day.

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