Friday, October 22, 2010

Necessary Fall

102210: The fall weather is arriving. In between rainy days and cloudy days we see the sun bursting through. I wondered out the other day to take some photos of the trees. I wasn't trying to capture the fall colors starting to turn, but I was taking 'before' photos of our trees throughout the Park. We are having some extensive tree work done throughout the Park and I wanted to capture the 'before' so I could remember what they looked like when I capture the 'after.' Yes, I will post the 'before and after' photos at a later date. But, while I was out taking wide angle photos of the trees I couldn't help but notice the change in colors. I switched my purpose for a little while and took some photos of the fall colors. Unfortunately, the sun wasn't bursting through at that time, but you get the picture, right?

The Cottonwoods start turning colors in October, eventually dropping their leaves. This process doesn't stop until January. Yes, for three months straight our lives are all about leaves, but we have a new plan this year to tackle the kajillion leaves we must clean up. More on that in another post....

The Red Oaks are by far the prettiest during the fall.

The Cottonwoods on the South end of the Park are the first to turn, and the North end are the last.

Tree work. I was very emotional the first day they were here as they felled (cut down) several trees that day. The trees we are having removed are either diseased, crowding others or are impeding upon roads or parking. Practically speaking I know what has to be done, but emotionally I'm sad as some of these trees are very old and have been here since the Park was opened. And if you know me at all by now the history of the Park is very important to me, and some of these tree are part of that history. Fortunately, our tree service has been excellent in discussing each tree and every tree with us prior to pruning or felling. This has made the emotional factor a little easier to bear for me.

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