Friday, July 1, 2011

Holy Moly, It's July Already!

 070111:  Okay, who took the first half of 2011 and what did you do with it??  I want it back! 

The format to blog posts have been changed by blogspot so now I can choose larger sizes of photos than before.  So, I have and will continue to feature a favorite photo of mine in each post. 
This photo was taken just after Memorial Weekend.  Besides the obvious beauty (well, I think so) of the blue sunrise, look how far the water is down compared to the next photo.

Really the only way you can tell the difference in the water level is by looking at the hills in the background.  In this photo they are smaller because I didn't zoom in with the camera as much as the last photo.  The photo was taken on June 27th.  Oh, and you will you look at that water!  Glass!

The Topaz Polar Swim at dusk.  I really didn't think that many would participate, but I was surprised again.  The campers were very cautious and there were four different lifeguards standing by on seadoos, etc., to help anyone if necessary.

James, finished the race in style.  One of the many winners!

This is not a pretty photo, but I've been getting many questions about "how high is the lake?"  So I purposely took a photo to include the shoreline in relation to the rock wall (high water mark) to the deck off the back of our home.  I think this photo answers that question!  The photo was taken on June 27th and the water is even higher now.

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