Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Megan

032211: The Park is beginning to show signs of life in between snow storms. Winter has gone and Spring is apparently here. Well, according the calendar at least. My niece was born on the 21st of March and every year I think of her a lot as we transition from Winter to Spring. Because like Spring, she is beautiful and bright and all the colors of the rainbow. She is a photo in my heart.

Winter Sunrise
Winter Sunset. Yes, we really do have sunsets.

I like how the tree looks as if it is growing the clouds in the morning sky.
It's hard to believe our Topaz Lake can be so silvery white.
You are missing out on some spectacular sunrises.

Going fishing. The rocks in the lower right corner are below the point in #7. This gives you perspective on how high the water is right now.

As I was attaching the other photos in this post we had some visitors this evening. I stopped, stepped quietly outside, and took some photos of our mule deer for you.

Love this place.

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