Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Motivational Juice

120809: I've been walking around for awhile in a daze and saying things like, "I've lost my mojo." The good part about this is that I actually was aware that I lost my mojo and not floundering around wondering what the hexk was happening to me AND I also know why I lost my mojo. Those are some big hurdles to overcome if you want to ever want to find your mojo again.

Slowly but steadily my "bucket" is refilling and I'm getting the energy to tackle some winter projects. My mojo is returning. Yay for me! We have been closed for two months at this point in our off season and it's taken this long for my mojo to find it's way home.

Why all this talk? Well, frankly our personal life is put on hold during the peak season, which means things like appointments, trips, BLOGS, etc., are shelved until off season. Our main priority is running the Park. Afterall, this is our employment, source of income, and future. And during the off season, we take a break from the Park and catch up on our personal life. BUT, sometimes the two overlap when we have personal things to attend to during peak season. This equation will suck the mojo out of us everytime! That's what happened the later part of the season, but in recent weeks life has been returning to normal. (Of course, "normal" is a subjective term and worthy of it's own blog post on another day....)

Photos of recent winter weather. It is now 4 degrees out, foggy and very white outside. Hubby usually walks around lamenting about the snow and this morning was no exception. He asked me, "Don't you hate the snow?" Actually, I don't, so I said to him, "No, I don't hate the snow. Because the snow is the time of year that I get to enjoy only you, our home, our lakeside view and we're sitting here on a Wednesday morning in our sweats, not on our way to a job but enjoying our coffee together." His response, "I think you need to lay off the coffee, honey."

Before the snow.

The snow started over night and I awoke to these never-before-seen view... Those aren't white birds, but birds covered in white. The sleeping Canada Geese were covered in snow!

After the snow stopped. I like showing photos of the Park with snow as many customers are amazed to see the their summer vacation place with no leaves and covered in white.

The constant morning fog we've been experiencing for awhile now. And why? Well, meterologically speaking it involves terms such as condensation, radiation, saturation and dew point. My explanation?: Cold Air + Warm Water = Fog

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