Thursday, December 10, 2009


121009:'s been a bit cold out the last few days. The temperature is not as cold here at the lake because of the lake, so that's good. But we have fog every morning lasting well past noon. Right now it is 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Woohoo....double digits! It's 0 (zero!) in Minden just to show you the temperature difference.

Now I know there are many areas across this great land of ours that get much colder than us, but this cold snap here is unseasonably cold. About 25 degrees colder than normal. So what do we do when the weather turns so cold? Stay inside with cocoa sitting by a crackling fireplace? Sounds good, right? Well, we don't a fireplace and I ran out of milk for cocoa so I went to town to do some shopping.

As I drove to town - looking quite like the (red) stay puff marshmallow man in my big down jacket, fleece scarf, hat, gloves and ugg boots - I marveled at the varying temperature difference as I headed North to Carson City. Seriously, I marveled. Topaz Lake 13, Holbrook 9, Leviathan Mine Road (peek elevation) 21!, Ruehenstroff 7, Waterloo Lane 4, Minden 0, Carson Valley -4! and Carson City 3. It was a first for me to be out in such cold weather and thank God the sun was out otherwise it would have been miserable. As it was, it was only slightly miserable. And I apologized repeatedly to my Jeep as I subjected her to the elements. So I come home and promptly put her in the garage were she melted the road ice all over the floor.

Photos of my cat(s) staring out of the kitchen window. They snuck out the other day and stayed out for about 2 seconds and ran right back in the house. Spoiled cats.

He *thinks* he wants to go outside again.


Change of focus.

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