Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stevens Nation

120509: In 1926, a man named William Stevens married Olive Jeffrey. They had three children and from those children our family exploded into a nation. Sadly, Grandpa Stevens, died young and never knew any of his children's spouses, his grand children, nor great grand children. I think he would be very proud of his expansive family and legacy his name created.

Several years back, someone in the family described our large family by coining the moniker "Stevens Nation." And what "Stevens Nation" truly describes is the strong ties, love and respect we all have for each other. Every year the family comes to our Park, as they have for many years before. 2009 was a probably a record breaker as I believe I counted 56 family members at one point. The majority of the family lives within blocks of each other in Southern California, but they all travel 400+ miles every year to come to Topaz Lake. It is a week filled with fun, laughs, family dinners and great memories.

Photos courtesy of my niece, Kimmie.

Relaxing in the morning sun.
One of many family dinners.

The floating Stevens Nation: Relaxing in the afternoon sun.

Our family is composed of 99.9% men.

Bunco night. Alot of laughs!

Yes, some water sports did take place. It's not all eating & drinking.

Part of the next generation. My nieces and nephew.

Walker Burger: A chance for the women's night off from cooking!

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