Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Mom Story. Kinda.

050910: Yesterday, a relative of one our customers came into say "Hi" and ask about guest charges. I know her but not well so we engaged in a little small talk for a few moments.
She was staying through the weekend and wanted to know if there were any guest charges. And she wanted me to know that Max came with her, too. I told her definitely there would be a guest charge for her and asked her how old Max was? She said he had just turned 4. It was then that I replied that guest charges apply at 5 years or older. She paused and then said "Okaaaay."
Later that day I was speaking to her mother-in-law (who I know much better.) The topic of her visiting family came up and I asked about Max. I hadn't seen this little child named Max, but her daughter-in-law had told me Max came with her. It was then I learned that Max was a dog, not the child I thought he was! I laughed out loud at the thought of my Abbott & Costello conversation with Max's mom. Later I ran into her and revealed my misunderstanding of Max's species. She laughed, too, admitting that she thought our age policy for dogs was a little strange, but she assumed I knew that Max was a dog because he had been here before. Admittedly, we can do a lot of strange things, but I have never considered charging only for dogs 5 years and older!
Re: Photo. I haven't posted a sunrise photo in quite awhile. I captured this one the other day. Sometime today, David & I are going to go out exploring and I plan to tote my camera along to catch the beauty of our surrounding areas. I wish all you ladies out there and beautiful Mother's Day.

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