Friday, May 14, 2010

Springtime = Birdtime

051410: I was out in the Park today and upon walking back to my office I heard a bird up in the trees by the office. I had never heard this bird before, so I stood there and looked for it amongst the tangled branches. When I finally spied the bird, I knew I was looking at a Bullock's Oriole. Usually these little beauties live on the South end of the Park and build little hanging nests that look like sacks of woven hair and fishing line. I have never seen them on the North end of the Park, let alone heard them. I'm posting a link here so you can hear their call. This little male was chasing his mate through the canopies.
He was flittin' around so much I was lucky to catch a few poses in focus. This one cracked me up as he was perched on two different branches.

He is a pretty little guy and soon he and his mate will bring more little Bullock's Orioles to our Park.

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