Friday, May 7, 2010

Woman + Me = We

050710: It's Friday and it's a gorgeous day outside. I'm having trouble concentrating because I want to be outside soaking up the sun. But I have work to do. Hey, I wonder if David will move my desk outside?
Re: photo. We put the North dock in the water the other day. Well, technically "we" didn't do it as hubby pointed out to me. But I tell him that I say "we" meant in the singular tense. Just like when he says "we" need to go grocery shopping or when are "we" going to do some laundry? You know what I mean?
Well, enough of that. There is more than enough to do keep busy all day long. So I think "we" will go finish the laundry and "we" will do some vacuuming. Then maybe "we" will take a little nap and then have him make we something something for dinner.

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